Monday, February 27, 2017

Comics: Exercising the face

I attended a core yoga class at Yoga Inc recently and it's mostly pilates moves to use your core muscles (mainly your abs, or in my case "flabby tummy"). Most of the time I find myself clenching my face and the instructor would tell us to relax... But I always find my face working harder than my tummy...馃檸

Character theme cafes and shops in Taipei

Ok I'm not going to lie, I like to visit character theme cafes because one of my dream is to have my very own one day, or at least to design for a cafe... During my last trip, my good friend brought me to many character cafe and shops that I felt as if I was in Japan! Taiwanese like Japanese culture a lot and they share a lot of similarities in their service and retail. So if you are on a budget, Taiwan is a good alternative because their food and transport are way cheaper than Japan 馃槵

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Hot Spring and food trip to Jiaoxi, Yilan city(Taiwan holiday)

It's like a tradition to visit Jiaoxi town, part of Yilan City, which is to the southeast of Taipei, with my friend.

Yehliu Geopark and fresh seafood trip (Taiwan holiday)

An acquaintance of mine learned I was coming and offered to drive me up to the northern part of Taiwan to visit a famous geo park and eat fresh seafood there.

Eslite Bookstore branding in Taiwan (Taiwan holiday)

I cleared up some commission work so I decided to blog about my trip to Taiwan last month before I get busy again. So over the next few days, you will be seeing more updates on my blog :P

When we talk about Taiwanese bookstores, the first that comes to mind is Eslite bookstore. Not only they have many chain stores throughout Taiwan, but also it has branded itself as the cool and hip place to go to for young people.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Comics: A part of it stays forever

I haven't got a chance to blog about my brief holiday at Taiwan, but I gained 2 kg in just 5-6 days and I only lost 1 kg after 2 weeks of regular exercise... ... sob. (Yes I can feel tummy bounce when I run...)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Comics: Eligible Bachelors

I remember a friend telling me that if you are looking for a guy who is single, it's impossible for him to be rich, handsome and mentally sound at the same time. If he is all three, he's either not looking or already married...

But anyway if you can find a unicorn, please bring it to me :p

Monday, February 6, 2017

Comics: It gets harder after 30s

I had been slowing gaining weight since end of last year when I was having events one after another and skipped my yoga and fitness classes. Worse, I ate anything I wanted, which included cakes and fried stuff. Before I know it, I gained 4kg and now I'm trying to lose it. I tried to control my diet and exercise more but after a month, the weight still stayed the same... oTz...

Monday, January 30, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Chinese New Year Yusheng or lo hei

In Singapore, there is a tradition to toss a kind of raw fish salad called "yusheng" during the Lunar New Year to symbolise an increase in abundance for the new year. It usually contains strips of raw fish (usually salmon nowadays), mixed with shredded vegetables and a variety of sauces and condiments.

We usually do one round of tossing at home and at work. When you toss, you should say something auspicious and the higher you toss, the better it is. But because the yusheng we toss at home is paid out of own pockets, we tend to be more careful in keeping the ingredients within the plate. But at work, because it's paid by company, most of the ingredients usually land up on the table and in a mess, which is a waste of food.

The above is my family's yusheng, which is proudly sponsored by my brother 馃構  He ordered extra seafood sashimi so it can look better on photo (haha we have a vain family). It was nice but we think just salmon is enough.

Actually this year is my year, which is the Rooster! Wishing everyone good luck, good health, good fortune and love! I hope my 3rd book will be a best seller, bookstores don't give me headache and book 4 can be successfully planned for the international market!

Happy Chinese New Year!


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